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Asperger's Syndrome Checklist

Asperger's Syndrome is characterized by some specific symptoms, including limited eye contact, challenges in social skills, and restricted interests. Understanding these signs can help you better understand the "Aspies" you know or help you identify this syndrome in yourself or someone you care about. Checklist of Symptoms It's important to note that when the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) revised in 2013, the authors decided to combine the various types of autism, including Asperger's, into a single diagnosis: autism spectrum disorder. Those with symptoms of Asperger's are now diagnosed with high functioning autism; however, the symptoms are the same. Social Interaction Difficulties One of the core characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger's, is an impairment in social functioning. According to the CDC, this can include the following: Abnormal approach t


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It still pisses me off that the DSM5 got rid of Asperger. Not only is this the Asperger's thing (repetitive behaviors and special interests you guys!) But there are different levels. There are so many genes that go into autism that it could even be broken down into many different disorders one day. Here is a set of totally unscientific types based on aspies that I know: Impulsive (aka Party Crasher) These aspies are managed by their identifiers. They are the most energetic and the most likely to let loose coarse shit. Most prone to repetitive behavior. Also more likely to show feelings than other types. Subject to addictions to Internet heroin browsing. They generally have more social conscience than they deserve. They can even be charismatic for short periods of time, which makes sense since they are generally the most social. But they are the ones who most aspire to spend long periods with it. They let their inner monologue go wild when they were younger, chasing people away.